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A visionary educationist, Dr Gaurav Muradia is known for harnessing his ability to balance pedagogical leadership with administrative acumen in leading and directing international K-12 schools. His passion for infusing vision and purpose into systems and processes and keen eye for detail has helped him create effective turnarounds for several leading K-12 schools throughout his two-decade career.

Dr Muradia’s experience in leading and shaping national and international curricula schools reflect his sound expertise in curriculum implementation. To this end, he has also worked on the accreditation, candidacy, authorization and evaluation processes of International Baccalaureate (IB), Geneva & CAIE, Cambridge and supported many schools in their pathways to excellence. He has also worked for think-tanks at the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, for the incubation and development of the SQAA Framework & Manual, Critical & Creative Thinking Training Manual for Master Trainers, Life Skills Manual and various other training modules.

His scholarship spans articles on internationalism in schools, concept-based learning, innovation and leadership, assessments as feedforward and the like. As an Advisor, Board Member & Workshop-Leader, Dr Muradia has also helped several school leaders, principals, and educators reflectively unlock synergy and innovation in their diverse contexts. Under his leaderships, several of the schools he has been associated with have won numerous prestigious accolades such as the British Council International Schools Award, Great Places to Study Recognition, Future 50 Schools Shaping Success and coveted places in Times School Rankings.

Dr Muradia’s academic track-record includes a Doctorate in Human Resource Management, and a certification from HGSE, Harvard University, United States, in Leading Schools, as well as the prestigious RISE fellowship. These credentials, along with his M.Phil in Personnel & Strategic Management, have been instrumental to him in becoming a visionary with a long-term approach for schools, a strategic problem-solver in collaborative contexts and an effective decision-maker who easily taps into the tools of incubation, innovation and risk-assessment. His ability to extract and harness research findings in policy-making to maximize his interventions have tremendously helped schools in making change actionable and sustainable. His extensive work in this regard has been recognized by the Future 50 School Leaders Shaping Success Award and Life Skills Education Award, to name a few. As an educator-practitioner, he additionally excels at designing systemic and pedagogical interventions informed by CAER, QS I-GAUGE, CIS and others, and is also a Cambridge certified expert on the Principles of Assessment.

His involvement, commitment and work ethic naturally limit his visibility in social and networking circles. He has a strong aesthetic and design sensibility, and finds repose in designing spaces, print literature and landscapes when rare windows of time present themselves, between work engagements.

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