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Beyond Temperature Checks: Planning a Safe School Re-opening following Covid-19 Protocols

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

My endeavour has always been to provide schools with research-based and scientifically sound support and guidance. COVID-19 presents a distinctive set of challenges for schools in the operational and academic domains. The resource below- 'Manual for Prevention & Protection Procedures', is a comprehensive guide that aims to equip schools in preparing for and addressing these challenges. The guide seeks to achieve this through a range of well-considered operating procedures that revolve around prevention as well as safety & protection strategies through the reopening phase of the pandemic. This resource is compatible with WHO, UNESCO and MHRD guidelines issued until the date of publication.

The procedures listed in this manual may be reviewed and implemented in schools, with adaptation to their unique school context and state government directives, where necessary. Planning a period of smooth transition from exiting the lockdown to the ‘new normal’ is certainly an exercise in strategic planning and demands careful consideration of the needs of learners, teachers, and other stakeholders in conjunction with school resources and amenities.

However, the focus on mitigating risk should also take into account the socio-emotional aspects of learning and teaching.

However, the focus on mitigating risk should also take into account the socio-emotional aspects of learning and teaching. Schools have a significant role in ensuring students’ well-being by ensuring the continuity of learning while empowering them with the tools and skills they need to build resilience as well as adapt to new ways of learning. There has been an effort throughout this manual to keep the learner at the center of all guidelines and directives.

I sincerely hope you find this resource (see free download link below) helpful and effective in planning your school’s reopening and exit post the pandemic.

Happy Reading!

Manual- Prevention & Protection Procedures- Preparing Schools
Download PDF • 528KB

Dr Gaurav Muradia is a progressive educationist and director of leading K-12 international schools. He is also an Advisor to several schools with whom he works with to establish and sustain innovative systems and practices.

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khooshbu khanderia
khooshbu khanderia
28 dic 2021

The manual is surely a very handy and detailed one With all areas covered for re opening. Thank you 🙏

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